TRIO BUNDLE: Teh-O (Black Tea with Less Sugar)

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LOCAL STEEP TEA (Convenient tea sachet bags with 100% black tea)
3 packs of [20 Sachets x 8g]

    We use our propriety blend of premium Ceylon and Assam tea dust to produce Kim's Duet Teh-O. Each sachet is lightly sweetened to give a cup of well-balanced and aromatic black tea in just 3 minutes!

    Our tea dust is sourced from the best producing regions and we blend them at our own roastery to ensure optimal freshness. Kim's Duet tea bag contains 100% tea dust and is the most convenient way to brew a cup of authentic traditional tea.

    Ingredients: Sugar, Ceylon and Assam Tea Dust

    Simply STEEP and PRESS for a robust traditional taste:

    Step 1: Place sachet in your favourite mug
    Step 2: Add 200ml of hot water (97°C)
    Step 3: STEEP for 3 minutes
    Step 4: Use a spoon to gently PRESS on the sachet
    Step 5: Stir well and enjoy! Leave the sachet inside the mug for a stronger brew


    • 100% Tea Dust without flavouring
    • Lower Sugar Formulation without compromising on the taste
    • Small Batch Production in Singapore to ensure freshness
    • Packed and Sealed within a day to lock in aroma
    • Full Immersion Filter bag allows optimum extraction

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