With your well-being in mind, we harmonise the complexity of traditional coffee roasting method to produce an unpretentious cup of coffee (also known as “kopi” in Singapore) that is chocolatey, bold and aromatic. The coffee powder is concocted with a blend of premium Robusta and Arabic beans that are curated conscientiously to ensure that we deliver the perfect tasting coffee suited for everyone. Accompanied by the craftmanship of managing traditional roasting method, we set ourselves apart from the others as we have been constantly hammering away for more than 30 years with our dedicated crew of coffee roast masters even though sophisticated machines were lacking before. Orchestrated through the rich experience of managing every roast; our coffee is the accomplishment of mastering the craft of roasting, tasting and monitoring.

Every coffee crackle in our roastery led us to create a symphony to your cup of morning brew. Having you sip up every drop of our beverage is like music to our ears.