Singapore Original Traditional Coffee Powder


Full-bodied, Bold and Nutty
Nett Weight: 500G (Ground Coffee)

Kim's Duet Traditional Coffee Powder is made from roasting Robusta beans with sugar and margarine. Our Kopi Masters use a slow roasting method to ensure the beans are well roasted at the right temperature before combining with sugar after the second crack. This bold roast coffee has a distinctive strong, bittersweet and ashy profile that Singaporeans know and love.

Ingredients: Caramelised Robusta Coffee (Coffee beans roasted with sugar and margarine)

Brewing Instructions (Recommended brewing apparatus: Kopi Sock or French Press):

Step 1: Use 20g of coffee powder to 250ml of hot water
Step 2: Steep for 4 minutes
Step 3: Filter and serve

Store the opened pack in an air-tight container to maintain the aroma.

# Delivery charges will incur if the total purchase is less than S$15.00

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