Kim's Duet Kopi-O Kosong (Box of 10 sachets)


LOCAL STEEP COFFEE (Convenient coffee sachet bags with 100% ground coffee)

Kopi-O Kosong (Black coffee without sugar)
10 Sachets x 10g

Characterised by its full-bodied and bittersweet profile, Kim's Duet Kopi-O Kosong yields a distinctive ashy flavour that gives the familiar taste of traditional black coffee. Proudly made in Singapore, the sachets are now available in boxes of 10 sachets with a vintage modern design to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Great for gifting!

Our coffee is produced in small batches to ensure freshness in every pack, the roasted beans are ground, packed and sealed within a day to lock in the aroma. Kim's Duet single-serve coffee bags offer authentic traditional coffee in a convenient way – maximizing the taste while minimizing the hassle.

Ingredients: Traditional roast coffee powder (coffee beans roasted with sugar)

Simply STEEP and PRESS for a robust traditional taste:

Step 1: Place sachet in your favourite mug
Step 2: Add 150ml of hot water (97°C)
Step 3: STEEP for 3 minutes
Step 4: Use a spoon to gently PRESS on the sachet
Step 5: Stir well and enjoy! Leave the sachet inside the mug for a stronger brew


  • 100% Traditional Coffee Powder without flavouring
  • Lower Sugar Formulation without compromising on the taste
  • Small Batch Roasting in Singapore to ensure freshness and quality
  • Ground, Packed and Sealed within a day to lock in aroma 
  • Full Immersion Filter bag allows optimum extraction

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