Premium Robusta & Colombian Coffee Grind


Medium-bodied, Velvety and Chocolatey
180g (Ground Coffee)

This exceptional blend features a combination of traditionally roasted Robusta beans with quality Colombian beans. With a profile that's comforting and familiar, this medium roast coffee is velvety smooth with rich chocolatey notes. These high-quality coffee beans are expertly roasted by our Kopi Masters and ground extra fine to release the full elegance of the coffee.

ROAST: Medium
PROFILE: Velvety, Chocolatey
REGION: Indonesia, Colombia

Ingredients: Caramelised Robusta and Colombian Coffee

Brewing instructions (Suitable for French Press):
  • Use 20g of coffee powder to 250ml of hot water
  • Steep for 4 minutes
  • Filter and Serve 

Store the opened pack in an air-tight container to maintain the aroma.

# Delivery charges will incur if the total purchase is less than S$15.00

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