TRIO BUNDLE: Kopi-O (Black Coffee with Less Sugar)

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LOCAL STEEP COFFEE (Convenient coffee sachet bags with 100% ground coffee)
3 Packs of [20 Sachets x 15g]

Savour the aromatic and bold flavour of Singapore Traditional Coffee with Kim’s Duet Kopi-O. Each sachet is lightly sweetened to balance the bittersweet profile of the traditionally roasted Robusta beans.

Our coffee is produced in small batches to ensure freshness in every pack, the roasted beans are ground, packed and sealed within a day to lock in all the flavours. Kim's Duet coffee bags offer authentic traditional coffee in a convenient way – maximizing the taste whilst minimizing the hassle.

Ingredients: Traditional roasted coffee powder (coffee beans roasted with sugar) and sugar

Simply STEEP and PRESS for a robust traditional taste:

Step 1: Place sachet in your favourite mug
Step 2: Add 180ml of hot water (97°C)
Step 3: STEEP for 3 minutes
Step 4: Use a spoon to gently PRESS on the sachet
Step 5: Stir well and enjoy! Leave the sachet inside the mug for a stronger brew


  • 100% Traditional Coffee Powder without flavouring
  • Lower Sugar Formulation without compromising on the taste
  • Small Batch Roasting in Singapore to ensure freshness
  • Ground, Packed and Sealed within a day to lock in aroma 
  • Full Immersion Filter bag allows optimum extraction

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