5 Variety Pack - Singapore's Traditional Kopi and Teh


LOCAL STEEP BREW (Try all five single-servings of Singapore's Traditional Kopi and Teh!)

This Variety Pack contains 5 different types of kopi and teh brewing sachets. It's the perfect gift for traditional coffee and tea lovers! We do small-batch production to ensure freshness and quality. Our coffee sachet is made from 100% Traditional Coffee powder while the tea sachet is made from our proprietary blend of Tea Dust (not instant, no flavouring).

3 x Single-Serve Coffee Sachet:
  • Kopi-O Kosong (Black Coffee without sugar)
  • Kopi-O (Black Coffee with less sugar)
  • Kopi-C (Coffee with milk and less sugar)
2 x Single-Serve Tea Sachet:
  • Teh-O (Black Tea with less sugar)
  • Teh-C (Black Tea with milk and less sugar)

Simply STEEP and PRESS for a robust traditional taste:
  • Step 1: Put the sachet in your favourite mug
  • Step 2: Add 150ml of hot water (97°C)
  • Step 3: Steep the sachet for 3 minutes
  • Step 4: Use a spoon to gently press on the sachet 
  • Step 4: Brew is ready! Leave the sachet inside the mug for a stronger brew

# Delivery charges will incur if total purchase amount is less than $15

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